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The Power of the words 'Thank You.'

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Connecting with Your Heart's Energy
Gratitude Bow

The gratitude bow is often employed as a form of polite etiquette and good manners in some cultures, but the word and the emotion associated with 'gratitude' mean much more. Saying 'thank you' to our body, our plants, the people around you raises your vibration with the energy of gratitude. Many of us are aware of the science behind gratitude:

  • feeling happier

  • lessening stress

  • lowering coritsol

  • raising DHEA Levels

According to Master Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong, saying thank you is a wonderful way to start your day; it puts us in the vibration of appreciation and that is one of the highest vibrations to be in. But, like any habit, it takes practice to be consistent with this activity of feeling gratitude, either by saying it in your mind or out loud. I believe the change comes when we practice and commit to it on a daily basis. That's the magic of consistency.

Life is also a series of tests and sometimes we don't feel grateful for what is going on. We feel angry or sad or fearful. We all understand these challenging emotions, but can you still practice feeling grateful for this health issue or this challenge? Perhaps we can even cultivate curiosity about it, or allow ourselves to imagine that some learning or growth can come out of it? It's certainly not easy but it might be worth the effort.

For me personally, I received some good advice on my recent sleeplessness when a close family member shared that when she can't sleep she goes through a list of all she is grateful for in her life. I took that input and when I went to lie down and wasn't falling asleep I just said to myself, "Well, I am grateful for this warm bed and safe home." - and I shortly fell asleep.

Lately, I have been taking time when I wake up in the morning to practice saying 'thank you' to my body, to my house for keeping me warm, and to the plants around me. I especially thank my technology for allowing me to share healing Qigong class online. I am incredibly grateful to share this 'ancient practice in modern times' and I would not be able to do this from my home office without the power of technology. I thank the people around me making my work possible like my talented sister-in-law, Andrea Levine, who designed my website and who, through her efficiency and organization, helped along with marketing needs. i

We may find it easy to say 'thank you' to a waiter who serves you or a friend that helps out, and that's certainly important, but I suppose the harder (and perhaps more rewarding) practice is learning to say 'thank you' during the more challenging moments in our lives and careers. Our perspective on the toughest issues can even change if we can soften our heart towards them with acceptance and trust by doing so the outcomes will improve.

By taking time to pause, reflect and feel into what happens when we say 'thank you', our body and mind will respond to that vibration of appreciation. Who knows, you might even sleep better too:)


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