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Feb 14, 2024

Self-Love Reminders

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We spoke to one of the most important things we can do for our health, including our immune system and that is Self-Love.

I also shared a qi exercise today that is good for self-love and your Heart

Let me share a quote on how Self-Love works in your system according to Qigong Practitioner and Energy Intuitive Marie Manuchehri:

“Self-love is the highest energy one can embrace while living in a physical reality. Its vibration, once held within your human energy system, can radically change your world for the better!

Self-love is an experience, not a thought. Its existence in your body, energy system and spirit will attract incredible outcomes by naturally upgrading every area of your human experience.”

Here is Marie’s whole interview and there is a beautiful self-love exercise you can do in your day at 33:33 or just bounce and re-set your energy:

Another loving exercise for today is to write a Love Letter to yourself and F-E-E-L it!

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine

Jan 18, 2024

Yi (Mind)

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

In our session this week, we spoke to using our Yi (Mind) to set intentions and how being specific helps in the process of intentions energetically coming together. We also used our Yi to charge our water. You can do this any day.

Our intentions can make a difference and group intentions can share healing ener-qi.

A member shared Lynn McTaggart's controlled experiments with intentional thought. Lynn’s book is called The Intention Experiment (

Anyone interested can join Lynn McTaggart's LIVE Peace Intention Experiment sessions intended to help energetically with the intention of restoring peace in Israel and in Palestine:

On that note, we shared that at 2 p.m. e.s.t every Sunday there is a worldwide 15 minute meditation spearheaded by Pam Gregory. No link, you just step into the energy each Sunday at 2pm for 15 minutes, joining energetically with people from all over the world (she calls this a "family of frequency" - like this Qigong family we're part of -imagine holding hands energetically with people around the planet. Dream in your vision of New Earth and place your healing intention(s) - or people, pets, war zones - in the centre) and stay in these high frequency emotions of joy, love, gratitude, peace, compassion and freedom for the full 15 minutes, if you can. And, as always, set the intention for your own highest good AND the highest good of all.

The power of the collective in heart-based coherence. Some of us are joining in the 2 p.m. worldwide meditation and you can imagine being together in this group intention with our communi-qi if helpful.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Dec 22, 2023

Holiday Season Wishes

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We move into Winter Energy which means the Kidney Energy System is on duty.

I shared that water at certain times is most helpful and also you can cup for up to a minute on your lower back to help your vitality.

Between 7 and 9 a.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. are the best times

Remember, your energy breathing when you need to feel calmer. Imagine healing light going into your lower dantian and breathing out any stress or tension or illness.

If you want to learn more about the energy of 2024 I will transcribe some of it for the New Year so you can do some Feng Shui in your own space.

Recap of Five Elements: Working with the Emotions you need

A positive emotion can transform your energy so remember the five elements theory:

  1. Joy can transform excessive emotions

  2. Peace can transform Anxiety

  3. Happiness can transform Anger

  4. Contentment can transform sadness or loss

  5. Gratitude/Appreciation can transform Fear

Whenever you are in need of some healing energy in your day, remember to choose an emotion and you can repeat it over and over again and breathe and smile. Remember, even bouncing or massaging ears is helpful in your day if you can’t do a full practice. Remember, your smile and your breath when you do it.

We also went over the Heart Math Soft Tool Technique

Your "soft heart" is an easygoing, warm place of compassion for you, a place of ease and self-care, like a warm blanket or bath.

Practicing HeartMath’s Soft Heart Tool 2 or 3 times a week can help you recuperate and reenergize from the emotional stress of daily life.

Soft Heart Tool:

1. Recognize that you are feeling disturbed, overwhelmed, depressed or some other depleting or negative emotion.

2. Acknowledge that it is not these or other emotions that cause you to feel drained or out of sorts as much as it is the significance you give them.

3. Find your Soft Heart attitude by intentionally feeling love, care or appreciation for a person, pet or something you truly care about. This helps take you to a soft place in your heart and increases your ability to feel care and compassion for yourself.

4. Soak and relax any unwanted feelings in the compassion of your heart, letting the significance dissolve a little at a time. Take your time.

My wish is that you will take some time to regenerate and find renewed emotional balance by going into your soft heart.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Nov 8, 2023

Broadcasting Love

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

I just read over each of your names and sent out loving ener-qi. Each one of us has this ability. You can do this before an sending an email or any type of exchange. Master Lin shares how we can say in your mind: “I love you” before you interact with people to be in a more uplifting space. Heart Math Institute also shares that sending loving energy is ‘broadcasting love’ and imagine if we did this each day, especially in these times. We practised this in our session. It’s about learning to shift your focus from what is challenging to a more uplifting emotion/energy/vibration.

Example of How: “when breathing, imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart and imagine a feeling of love and radiate that out to someone before you talk with them, before a challenging call or any connection with another person or even place.”

We also focused on two exercises that help with sleep. You can do vibrational sound ‘kerrr’ or say words you need like “I feel sleepy.” (please print out as a guide if needed.)

Use your middle finger to massage, in a circular fashion, the point in the centre of your forehead directly between your eyebrows and just above the bridge of your nose. Chant the sound “kerrrrr” if you feel comfortable. Try to do this for 2 minutes or more especially if haivng trouble sleeping or getting to sleep.

This point connects to your eyes and specific parts of your brain. Massaging here can bring peace if your brain has been overactive

Temples: Place your thumbs on your temples and massage gently but firmly in a circular way in one direction 36 times, then massage in the other direction 36 times. One circle should take about one second. You can chant ‘kerrr’ if comfortable.

         This also helps with stress or headaches.

Keep taking time for self-compassion whenever you need it. This is what our mental wellness calls for in this time.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement

Oct 4, 2023

Fall and Five Elements

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

Working with the seasonal transitions allows us to be more in tune, and more in rhythm. In Chinese Medicine and in Spring Forest Qigong we work with the five elements. We move from the Earth Element of late summer to the Metal Element of Fall.

We focused upon the energy/vibration of contentment to heal on any sadness that comes up at this time. You can practice a focus on this word in your day when you need it. Simply closing your eyes, bringing in a smile and repeating: "I feel contentment, contentment energy is moving through me."

S.F. Q Tip for neck and shoulders

We also focused upon releasing tension in neck and shoulders: Face forward with your eyes closed. Slowly turn your head to the left. When your head is turned as far as it can comfortably turn, quickly open your eyes and look into the distance for about one second. Now, close your eyes again and slowly turn to the right as far as is comfortable. You can also chant the sound: "kerrr."

How long: Enough time to complete nine rotations

How often: Three times a day or as needed

Best Time: 7 to 9 a.m. or 9 to 11 p.m.

We are moving into full moon energy and here is a Full Moon Meditation for you, so wishing YOU the time for a self-care break in your day and you can keep a journal nearby to write your out what comes up for you and what might help you F-E-E-L content this fall.

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