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May 28, 2024


Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

The simplest thing is usually the most powerful." - Master Chunyi Lin

We moved into Inner Peace and Stillness in our Qigong Session last night. Focusing on golden light and the healing words of "I am peaceful and grounded."

Remember, you can move into this feeling with repeating the words and breathing in golden yellow light or simply doing the movement of heaven and earth: Hands up in air, shoulders dropped and knees bent as you gently move up and down.

How do you feel peaceful? How do you move from overthinking into peace?

There are many ways but it takes practice and walks in nature, journalling, deep breaths, yoga or qigong all help. We want to move out of our heads and into our bodies and feeling the lower half of your body also can take you out of your head.

Tomorrow, is a new moon and tonight and tomorrow you can set your intentions.

I will share a meditation and you can light a candle and journal any intentions you want to set in your life. Whatever feels good to you.

Wishing you peace and grounded energy in your evening and whenever you most need it.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Apr 23, 2024

Healing Color

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We came together to heal and work with the Liver Energy System.

Our Qi Tips included: Self-massage for the Foot helping with blockages, insomnia and anger.

Remember this spring, that green is a healing color. Master Lin shares how it’s associated with liver energy so by taking time to look at all the green things, green grass, new leaves, you help to strengthen your liver energy system. He shares that “Liver energy shows out through the eyes so when the eyes receive green information that energy goes back to the liver”.

You can also focus on the happiness you feel when you look at this color and uplift your vibrations. Try it today even if feeling challenged. Look outside at the green color/vibration.

Enjoy working with the healing energy whenever you most need it.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Apr 10, 2024

Treasure Map

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We grounded in this time of solar flares and eclipse ener-qi. We worked with two Spring Forest Qigong Movements that help with balance, harmony and grounding.

We connected deeply with the Earth's energy, anchoring ourselves in the present moment, and fostering a sense of stability and balance within our being.

I shared a Spring Forest Qigong  simple exercise for the eyes, which are part of the Liver Energy System. We did a meditation on ’seeing with new eyes’ your next part of your journey. The possibility of a new perspective or new possibility when you focus upon it. To help you do this, you can create your own treasure map.

As we have forward momentum in this new season of spring and Aries energy, if the phrase ‘I AM’ speaks to you - say this each day with your own word and embody this desire as you move through your day.

Remember, as we continue our journey in Qigong practice, I encourage you to explore and deepen your understand of grounding techniques.

Feel your feet connected to the earth each day. When we are firmly rooted in the present moment, we can more effectively harness the energy generated through our practice, channeling it towards our intentions and goals.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Mar 27, 2024

Eye & Headache Relief

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We focused on releasing and letting go. I have even heard of people doing a composting board at this time. Creating pictures or writing down what you want to release and let go and burning it. (Just do so in a safe space and have water with you if you do this exercise)

We also focused on bringing healing light to the liver energy system, which is connected to our blood pressure, and our eyes. Practice smiling at your liver in your day and treat it well this spring, and feed your body lots of vegetables, especially drinking your Ying Yang water, staying away from heavy, greasy food and letting go of anger.

Practice Happiness - practice what makes you happy in your day. It always matters and can raise your vibration. You can even rub your liver and say in your mind ‘I am breathing in happiness and I am allowing this emotion to heal my liver energy system.’ You can do this a few times.

As the eyes are connected to our Liver Energy System, here is a S.F.Q. Exercise for eye fatigue, blood pressure and headaches when on the computer a lot or when you need it.


Along with more water, I have been making more veggie/fruit shakes - I throw in a blender spinach, avocado, ginger and parsley and celery and whatever fruit I have around.

Healing Communi-Qi and Astrology Teacher, Zara Gabriel, shared a really simple broccoli soup recipe:

Ideally get organic broccoli and steam or cook it and reuse the broth

Once the broccoli is cooked enough ( not too much) you run it through a grinder or blender (I use a small glass grinder) you have to add juice (ie the broth) to grind it.

Once you have your ground broccoli in a bowl you add potentially more juice and a bit of herbal seasalt  to taste (happy to give recommendations) ground ginger hempseed oil and hemp hearts!  This all ought to be of organic origin ideally.  The thing with hemp oil is that it should NOT be reheated. It tastes AMAZING fresh out of the ground. If you reheat do it gently.

This soup has all the liver energy you want and more.

Love hearing from members on what they want to do to make this spring even better. Feel free to share when it feels right to YOU!

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine.

Mar 15, 2024

Higher Ener-Qi

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We focused on the fact that Qigong is a tried-and-true practice of energy healing from the inside out.

We talked about calling upon our Master’s Ener-qi whenever we need it and how it amplifies our practice. Remember, a master can be a guide, ancestor, person you admire and living or past.

It’s a higher vibrational energy and it helps facilitate a stronger practice.


Today, I met a neuro-scientist at an Aging Well conference who worked at a renowned research institute and she loves qigong, and we are going to connect for synergies.

Wonderful that a Western medicine science is excited about an ancient healing practice that benefits our body and mind.

Micro-Moment in your day for Healing:

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Remember, if you cannot do a full practice pick something you need for your body like 1) Energy Breathing 2) cupping your Kidneys 3) heel drop for fatigue

Simply slow down your breath, remember your S.M.I.L.E and re-set your energy.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement Medicine

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