Meet Steffi

Image by Jay Castor

Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner and Coach


If I feel like an outsider, if my views are unconventional, then I want to help others feel okay with who they are too. You could describe it as a calling, I suppose, and I work with my intuition, my energy and a mix of practical tools to help others help themselves. If you care about credentials, I’ve done the corporate leadership route, but the emotional healer’s path suits me better. We could use a little more magic in our lives, and Qigong healing feels magical to me.


Meanwhile, I coach individuals to realize better outcomes in their lives and careers, and I speak publicly on the importance of rituals for mental wellness.

My Qigong training is administered by Spring Forest Qigong. Its founder, Master Chunyi Lin, says we are our own healers, and he calls those who practice Qigong “Love Radiators.” I like the idea of that. Who doesn’t want to spread more love, compassion and kindness? 

Well, I do, anyway, whether that makes me conventional or something else entirely.

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My Vision

Through one-on-one coaching and Qigong healing, Steffi reminds us of our innate wisdom. By integrating daily rituals, together we follow a more peaceful path until your new story emerges.