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Easing the transition to Spring

With every new season a new beginning is always possible, and to honor this we need to allow a transitional period for the change in the weather, and in our minds and bodies. There is an adjustment that needs to take place.

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is still making its' appearance on the land and in the sky, but nature is preparing behind the scenes; it behooves us to lean into what we want to feel in a new start, into what freshness we can bring into spring. You can ask yourself: what practice can I deepen and what ritual can I embrace now to allow more ease and flow during this transition?

Being mindful always helps us and I have shared a meditation for this change in the season too:

In Chinese Medicine and in Spring Forest Qigong, we move from a focus on the Kidney Energy System to the Liver Energy System which oversees our eyes, gallbladder, tendons, fingernails and ligaments. Emotionally, the liver also holds anger, impatience and irritation and we want to bring in the uplifting healing emotion of Happiness to help with this.

We learn that words and thoughts have energy. You can even learn to say in your mind: 'I feel so happy, happiness energy is moving through my cells, and my thoughts. I bring happiness into me and I benefit from it emotionally and physically.'

There are other things you can do to ease into spring: Start getting up earlier, eating more greens, doing some energy breathing for sleeping better. You can also stretch a little more as the liver oversees tendons, ligaments: this helps to wake up the body.

I love sharing tips for season transition in our online Spring Forest Qigong Healing Class every Tuesday and Saturday morning. I also work privately with people one-on-one. As Master Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong shares: "We are all our own healers." Learning to connect with your own healing energy is always a way to enable this change happen a little more smoothly, and maybe even help you feel a little happier.

Some of the information shared also comes via Spring Forest Qigong.

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Thanks so much for the healing advice. It's so important to make time to nurture ourselves.

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