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Weekly Updates

Feb 2, 2022


Hello Everyone,

I look forward to raising our energy on this day of 02/22/2022. In numerology, this can be about connections and coming together and this is what we do in this qi-community remembering we all have the inner ability to remove blockages and promote healing.

We will move through the Five Elements, meditation, and a powerful simple self-healing exercise you can use to promote peaceful feelings in your daily life. Please join in tonight at 7:30 p.m. ( if you have to leave earlier, please always feel comfortable to do so).

To feel comfortable here are some suggestions:

Wear comfortable clothing

Bring a glass of water (healing energy can be transferred to water)

We will have discussion at beginning now- feel free to ask questions - feel free to have camera on or off - it is all about your own comfort level.You can ask in chat or on camera. 

Please know you do not need to know anything - just have an open heart and know you can experience healing energy in this practice. It is a different experience for each person.

We combine slow movements, breath and visualization so be open to using your imagination. Cameras can be on and off - all to your comfort level.

Check with a medical expert if you have any current medical conditions or concerns about any of the movements and please only do what is safe for you: If you have any history or family history, of any psychotic disorder, it would be best to consult your medical professional before you start practising Spring Forest Qigong.

Also, I record our lessons so you can refer to them and practice. They are not for public viewing and I will eventually create a members only site. I will mute all and spotlight myself so you see the main movements on main screen.

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Sept 20, 2023

Autumn Transitions

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We worked with chanting/vibrational sounds to bring us closer to autumn and our meditation focused on this theme and helping our body/mind adjust.

Can we move into this crisper season with appreciation in our hearts - for the changing leaves, the crisper air, the possibilities afoot?

I share an article quote from my favourite publication: “Bella Grace” which celebrates the seasons and helps us remember their magic.

“Instead of mourning the passing of summer, I look for secrets scried in tea leaves and those fallen from the creaking oaks. Lift your face to the new stand of the sun and allow your finger to glints off a million stars uncurtained from humidity’s haze. Allow yourself to settle, like the soil after a dense rain. Look for joy and it will find you, wriggling out from the patchwork of leaves and tendrils of frost, those silver locks of angel hair. This is acumen, and it’s what I crave - a fleeting beauty that sets my soil alight.”

Here is the tip from last night’s qigong session for preventing colds and headaches as we move into a new season:

I will also share an Autumn Meditation as we move closer to the season. I have a new section on website with meditations if you are needing a healing break in your day:  There is a one minute meditation for bringing in balance and harmonious feelings into your day.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement.

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Mar 16, 2023

Being Green

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

Have you taken a moment to S.M.I.L.E in your day? (Start my Internal Love Engine)

Does Kermit make you smile? He’s green and he’s a muppet and he can make us smile:) I know two healing qi members who love Kermit.

As we move closer to spring we want to help our body, especially the liver transition to a new season. The Liver Energy System = spring = color green. Can you play with connecting to green (plants, peeks of grass, painting) and feeling into that happiness energy. We spoke to how we can feel a little edgier/irritable in seasonal transition, and so we helped with this in our movement and meditation. We also worked with the Liver to help heal on anger, impatience and irrational and bring in happiness energy.

We want to bring our qigong learning into our daily lives too. Words and thoughts are energy. We can simply close our eyes, drop our shoulders, take a deep breath, and visualize something green or spring-like, smile and say some words of happiness to re-set your day. In Spring Forest Qigong t’s called Building Positive Emotions.

Even if you don’t feel happy or peaceful, that’s okay, you can still draw upon those powerful positive emotions to help you heal faster.

I have shared a small S.F.Q. sample when you need it in your day.

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