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Steffi Black
Mindful Guide


My Journey

Coach, Qigong Practitioner

I never felt conventional. My introvert side preferred deep connections and quiet spaces to work and live. My curiosity veers towards the spiritual, to rituals and ancient practices, with my path winding around Hawaii’s ho’oponopono, through astrology, and now Qigong, which seeks to align our breath, movement and heart to promote healing.

I suppose I was discovering myself and my connection to all that is. There was wisdom in embracing my broken pieces—I will never stop loving the metaphor of kinstukuroi, the art of broken Japanese pottery repaired with precious-metal lacquer and made all the more beautiful for that—and helping others march to their own drummer. If they can fall in like, if not love, with their idiosyncracies and embrace who they are, they discover a new chapter and find their authentic voice.

Tai Chi Class

Steffi's Healing Communi-Qi

Physical and emotional stress relief

Steffi is certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader. This method is a practice of breathing, focusing your mind, doing very simple body movements, and meditating. In creating Spring Forest Qigong, Master Lin has blended these components together into a system that is very simple yet so very powerful. Thousands of students have found the practice life-changing.

Because the science of qigong is so little known in the West, this may all sound very complicated, or even impossible, but it is not. Spring Forest Qigong is designed to be very simple to learn and practice, yet very powerful in its benefits. And all you need do to learn how to enter this world of health, wellness, and happiness is to join me for a class and follow along.