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Nov 8, 2023

Broadcasting Love

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

I just read over each of your names and sent out loving ener-qi. Each one of us has this ability. You can do this before an sending an email or any type of exchange. Master Lin shares how we can say in your mind: “I love you” before you interact with people to be in a more uplifting space. Heart Math Institute also shares that sending loving energy is ‘broadcasting love’ and imagine if we did this each day, especially in these times. We practised this in our session. It’s about learning to shift your focus from what is challenging to a more uplifting emotion/energy/vibration.

Example of How: “when breathing, imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart and imagine a feeling of love and radiate that out to someone before you talk with them, before a challenging call or any connection with another person or even place.”

We also focused on two exercises that help with sleep. You can do vibrational sound ‘kerrr’ or say words you need like “I feel sleepy.” (please print out as a guide if needed.)

Use your middle finger to massage, in a circular fashion, the point in the centre of your forehead directly between your eyebrows and just above the bridge of your nose. Chant the sound “kerrrrr” if you feel comfortable. Try to do this for 2 minutes or more especially if haivng trouble sleeping or getting to sleep.

This point connects to your eyes and specific parts of your brain. Massaging here can bring peace if your brain has been overactive

Temples: Place your thumbs on your temples and massage gently but firmly in a circular way in one direction 36 times, then massage in the other direction 36 times. One circle should take about one second. You can chant ‘kerrr’ if comfortable.

         This also helps with stress or headaches.

Keep taking time for self-compassion whenever you need it. This is what our mental wellness calls for in this time.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement

Oct 4, 2023

Fall and Five Elements

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

Working with the seasonal transitions allows us to be more in tune, and more in rhythm. In Chinese Medicine and in Spring Forest Qigong we work with the five elements. We move from the Earth Element of late summer to the Metal Element of Fall.

We focused upon the energy/vibration of contentment to heal on any sadness that comes up at this time. You can practice a focus on this word in your day when you need it. Simply closing your eyes, bringing in a smile and repeating: "I feel contentment, contentment energy is moving through me."

S.F. Q Tip for neck and shoulders

We also focused upon releasing tension in neck and shoulders: Face forward with your eyes closed. Slowly turn your head to the left. When your head is turned as far as it can comfortably turn, quickly open your eyes and look into the distance for about one second. Now, close your eyes again and slowly turn to the right as far as is comfortable. You can also chant the sound: "kerrr."

How long: Enough time to complete nine rotations

How often: Three times a day or as needed

Best Time: 7 to 9 a.m. or 9 to 11 p.m.

We are moving into full moon energy and here is a Full Moon Meditation for you, so wishing YOU the time for a self-care break in your day and you can keep a journal nearby to write your out what comes up for you and what might help you F-E-E-L content this fall.

Sept 20, 2023

Autumn Transitions

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We worked with chanting/vibrational sounds to bring us closer to autumn and our meditation focused on this theme and helping our body/mind adjust.

Can we move into this crisper season with appreciation in our hearts - for the changing leaves, the crisper air, the possibilities afoot?

I share an article quote from my favourite publication: “Bella Grace” which celebrates the seasons and helps us remember their magic.

“Instead of mourning the passing of summer, I look for secrets scried in tea leaves and those fallen from the creaking oaks. Lift your face to the new stand of the sun and allow your finger to glints off a million stars uncurtained from humidity’s haze. Allow yourself to settle, like the soil after a dense rain. Look for joy and it will find you, wriggling out from the patchwork of leaves and tendrils of frost, those silver locks of angel hair. This is acumen, and it’s what I crave - a fleeting beauty that sets my soil alight.”

Here is the tip from last night’s qigong session for preventing colds and headaches as we move into a new season:

I will also share an Autumn Meditation as we move closer to the season. I have a new section on website with meditations if you are needing a healing break in your day:  There is a one minute meditation for bringing in balance and harmonious feelings into your day.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement.

Aug 16, 2023

Qi Eye Exercise and Energy Tip

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We grounded ourselves in class in this late summer energy, so we could move out of our over-thinking and back into our bodies. We also set an intention on this new moon energy. Those who could not attend can take a journal and write out their own intentions at this time.

For your intention, ask yourself: What do you want to feel in late summer before moving into fall?

In August, we learn in Chinese Medicine that the sun is still strong and between the hours of 12-4 and you should protect your skin, lungs, and eyes.

We shared an eye exercise from the Head-to-Toe Healing Book:

The energy of the liver expresses itself through the eyes.  Here is a good daily tip for glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, migraine headaches, and allergies.

How: Put a thumb on each temple, curve your fingers, and as firmly as is comfortable for you - draw the sides of of the middle knuckles of your index finger along your eyebrows from the inside edge to the outside edge.

Next, draw the middle knuckles of your index fingers along the bone under your eyes. Alternate between massaging your eyebrows and the bones under your eyes.

Remember: put a smile on your face, see the golden light in the areas you massage and visualize a healing message going into that light such as ‘I see perfectly’ or ‘my head feels fine’ if a headache. You can also repeat the liver vibrational sound of ’Sheeeeee.'

In this time, we still need to drink lots of water too.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement.

Aug 9, 2023

Changes in the Air: Strengthening Breathing System and Grounding

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

In class we moved to new transitions and worked with a meditation that brought in the earth and trees and our interconnectivity.

How are you feeling in this transition? You can feel different emotions now including mental energy, so grounding practices can help.

1) Ground yourself in the lower part of your body and take 3 deep breaths. Try it now and see the difference.

2) We want to strengthen the lung energy in late summer. Here are two simple exercises from Spring Forest Qigong:

Forearm and Palm

The first energy point to focus on is located on the underside of the forearm about two inches from the wrist joint right in the middle between the two main tendons.

Begin with the left forearm. Press on the point and stimulate in a circular way at least seven times. You can do this longer if you wish.

The next energy point to focus on is located right in the middle of the palm about an inch and a half down from the base of the middle finger. stimulate this point in the same way.

Once you have stimulated these two points on the left forearm and palm do the same for the right forearm and palm.

Working on these energy points benefit the lungs, any lung related issues, the heart and the intestines.

Cupping the Arms

Cupping the inside of the arms from the shoulder down to the wrist is very beneficial for your breathing system.

As we’ve said before your skin is part of your breathing system. The lung energy channel runs through your arm and is very close to the surface on the under side of your arm.

By cupping your arm you are stimulating the lung energy channel and in doing so you open up your sinuses and your lungs take in more air. You can cup your arms while wearing a shirt, of course, but if you can cup bare skin, even the forearms, it is even more beneficial.

You can do this standing or sitting or even lying down. As you cup the arms breathe slowly, gently, deeply and comfortably as this helps to expand your lung capacity.

Always begin with the left arm as this stimulates the brain to produce endorphins that help you relax.

Extend your left arm, palm up. Now pat or cup the inside of your left arm from your shoulder down to your wrist for 10 seconds. And, cup it firmly don’t just tap it. You can do it longer if you have time.

Then extend your right arm, palm up and do the same thing. Cup the inside of your right arm from your shoulder down to your wrist again for at least 10 seconds.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement.

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