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Self Care for Heavier Emotions and Small Universe Meditation

Hello Healing Communi-qi,

Last night, we touched upon the emotional heaviness that can sometimes overcome us. I shared that Qigong can help us get to the cellular level of stagnant energy - depression or sadness. Here is one of the studies:

We did a S.F.Q. exercise for depression or congestion and pain in heart or chest:

HOW: use your middle finger to massage the point located right in the middle of your chest between your breasts.

Massage it in a circular way either direction gently but firmly.

HOW LONG: 1 to 3 minutes

I have shared the 100 day plan for opening up energy blockages and a suggestion for deeper healing along with a daily commitment to some movements is the Small Universe Meditation.  In Spring Forest Qigong we learn that the front and back energy channels are the most important. When you raise your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you connect the two channels.  This meditation deepens that opening by using the power of the mind. “Where the mind goes, the energy flows.”

Let me know if you have any questions. We did a sample last night, I suggest this daily meditation for help with chronic issues emotionally or physically and also helpful if getting run down and help keep your energy channels open.

And, always remember, a simple S.M.I.L.E and deeper breaths is a beautiful healing break in your day.

Simple but powerful.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement

May 3, 2023

Spring cleansing info, R.A.I.N meditation and 100 day SFQ chart for daily ritual

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

I hope it was healing to work with the cleansing rain last night in our practice and in our meditation. (Sample below) As rain cleanses parts of nature, we too can do some inner healing.  On that note, we also spoke to cleansing and detoxing and Master Lin of S.F.Q. has often spoke to the power of this. In our Saturday morning class, some of us have taken part in a cleansing, of course, you should always check with your doctor and you can also do partial fast instead of full one.

Why Fasting according to S.F.Q’s Master Lin:

“If you have a computer or cellphone and system is off - you turn it off - wait for 5 seconds - and turn on. If systems in your body are out of balance or have problems - what helps you re-set your system is fasting.

How: Couple of choices

Half a day fasting: after 6 p.m. you don’t eat anytime - just drink water - from 6 to next morning. (Half day fasting)

A day - water and an apple for meals

Outcome can be:

You will have more energy

Detox your blood

Help diabetes

Balance the energy

Re-set the immune system

Open your third eye

Talk to your doctor first if you have any health concerns or challenges.

I also shared how committing to a qigong action each day - something like a bounce or a smile or deep breaths can strengthen your connection and healing. Here is a sample chart if you want to try and we can share in your commitment. No pressure and all up to you of course!

If you need a healing mindfulness session again, here is a sample of our healing meditation from Tara Brach which was fitting for our theme of R.A.I.N.





Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement

Steffi Black
Coach, Qigong Practitioner

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Apr 26, 2023

Global Coherence App

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

Wonderful to share healing movements and meditation together. I also shared some learning in the Master of Qi conference and we talked about other tips to help the body adjust to new season and the irritation/impatience/reactivity that can come up in us. Remember, as you read this, you can massage your hegu point (between the base of your thumb and index finger)  for any pain and any headaches and very calming to self-massage in your day.

Other healing methods in day for Liver Energy System:

1) Yin Yang water - half boiled water/half room temperature

2) cupping arm at 90 degree angle below the elbow - helps with issues related to liver - skin rashes, constipation, thyroid and lymph and liver system.

I’ll also share a short summary from the last month of classes:

Earth Day - we spoke about taking responsibility for our thoughts and words as they have energy. Thanking the earth we live on and connecting to green vibration and color through plants, wearing green clothes and focusing on what makes you happy. Scientists at the Heart Math Institute have shared that when we are in that heart coherent state, our hearts beat at a particular frequency that facilitates gratitude, happiness, and better communication.  It also helps the planet. Our personal coherence, helps our social coherence and the global coherence.

I have mentioned I have created a community for meditation on the Heart Math app - Global Coherence App - it was created by the institute to connect people from all over the world who have a sincere desire to add heart to their daily lives and the world itself. You can download this app on your phone and then you can access many meditations for themes and for coherence when you need it. Our group is called: Healing Communi-Qi and the access code is CalmOcean81:

Just a simple beautiful way to add more love energy to the planet. No pressure to do - just a share if it feels right.

We also shared Spring Feng Shui tips to invite new energy in. By balancing our living energy we help balance the energy in ourselves.

- Declutter front hallway - make sure windows are clear from objects

- open front and back door and allow new energy

- consider adding some green - a new plant by computer or front hallway - that makes you smile when you arrive home.

May you have some ‘happy’ spring energy in your day. I write this while I sip on my Yin-Yang water:)

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement.

Apr 19, 2023

Spring Feng Shui

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

I hope you are having a peaceful evening. I went for a walk tonight to connect with the sky.

In last night’s class we spoke of some Spring Feng Shui tips for bringing in new energy.

- connecting with the color and vibration of green

- each day consider what makes you happy

- cleaning front hallway and leaving windows clear of clutter

- sweeping front area

- opening both back and front door areas to allow air to move through

We also shared S.F.Q tips for colds and allergies.

1) Massaging the C7 for colds. Take your hands and squeeze for 3 seconds and let go and do this 9 times.

2) Taking middle and index finger and going up the sides of the nose and down to the corner of the mouth for 9 times.

If you want more description of cold/allergy tips please email me and I’m happy to provide more details.

I also share a Meditation reflecting what is going on in the sky and allowing some strong visualization.

May it feel peaceful in your evening.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon Guided Meditation 🌕🧘‍♀️💫 #meditation #mindfulness #energy #love #peace

Together, as Love Radiators, in Mindful Movement

Apr 1, 2023

Healing Rainbow Meditation

Hello Healing Communi-Qi,

We brought in a focus on the basics of Qigong. Always good to have beginner’s mind:

1) Energy Breathing (which calms you and helps with sleep at night)

2) S.M.I.L.E - sends healing endorphins to your body and calms your nervous system

3) Lower Dantian - our essence, life force

We also brought in a rainbow meditation for healing our whole body. This is a deeper level meditation and we focused on a healing rainbow coming in through our crown through our feet. The seven chakras match the seven colors of the rainbow and Qigong practice can allow these blocked channels to open.

Spring Forest Qigong Tip for pain and connecting to liver/gallbladder:

There are two points for this focus and we focused on one. If you have pain or even feel irritated in your day you can massage that point between thumb and index finger called Hegu. You can massage here and imagine healing energy going into this point and helping with pain or irritation.

We will focus on the foot point next week and it helps with any anger, insomnia and urine leakage issues.

Remember, we can connect to qigong healing daily without a whole practice. The spring focus is on releasing Anger, impatience, irritation so you could massage your hegu point and say to yourself: ‘my channels are open, my blockages are gone, I feel happy and peaceful. Happy peaceful energy is my focus and what I focus upon expands.’

See what happens when you practice in your day with self massage and a healing emotion. Remember your smile

And deeper breaths.

Together, as Love Radiators, in Healing Movement

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