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What Others Are Saying About Steffi...

"If you are looking for a powerful speaker with a profound message, Ms. Steffi Black is it! With her engaging presence and dynamic energy she has the ability to instantly capture the attention of any audience. By the end of the presentation, you are hooked and ready to move into action! It is the compelling facts she shares coupled with her impactful stories that reach a deeper place within. Her message is a critically important one and we're all fortunate to have someone with Steffi's passion leading the charge - #spreadthekindness!" - Janey Piroli | Program Director & Leadership Coach

"Working with a coach helped me clarify the changes I wanted to make in my life and work.I was set on making some transitions, and discussions with Steffi and creating a plan to keep me on track helped me to feel I was working towards my goal.

I have also incorporated more mindfulness into my life as I believe running a successful business means I need to look inwards to be stronger outwards and I will continue to move towards being the best person I can be one step at a time." - Aaron Schacter

"We were honoured to have Steffi speak at our Unlock The Power Of Mindfulness Event at the Spoke Club in Toronto. When it comes to public speaking, Steffi has a way of lighting up a room. It takes a special kind of speaker to raise the energy levels of a group - that's one of Steffi's many gifts. Her engaging and authentic style are infectious and she knows how to connect in a meaningful way with her audience." - Kate Kerr, Founder & President, Wake Up Kate

"Her integrity and commitment to excellence is matched by her genuine interest in people and in her own growth. She brings value to each and every project with which she chooses to align herself."

"It’s rare to meet someone as genuine, sincere and honest as Steffi. I have been fortunate enough to have Steffi as my life coach for almost a year now. She is very invested in the success of the people she works with. Providing constant encouragement and motivation she works at your pace in guiding you to reach your goals. With her guidance and tools I was able to prioritize my goals, bring balance to my life and create a fulfilling path that allows me to grow in all aspects of my life.
Thank you Steffi! Pam Panesar"

"Before I was introduced to Steffi, I had never heard of a Life Coach. Before working with her, every single aspect of my life seemed to be out of order. I was very unhappy with my job, my relationships, and I was basically unhappy with every aspect of my life. It’s been over a year of amazing transformation, thanks, mostly to Steffi’s help....she really cares about helping people make their lives better. I am a lot happier than I ever been in a long time."

"Stephanie is a wonderful person to work with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering help from a qualified Coach. During our time working together, I found her to be extremely good at giving me the feedback I needed to make progress. She is thoughtful, strategic, and also kind. It was not hard to be very open and honest with her about my fears and ambitions. She would always listen and respect my position, and guide me accordingly. I believe that the same qualities that made it easy to be open with her (openness, respect, not afraid to tackle difficult topics) also made our work together very effective."

"Stephanie’s deft approach has helped me to land a job at one of the top hospitals in the country, and at the same time helped me realize that I may be able to consider self-employment in the near future. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to work with a coach, or even someone who just wants to make some changes in their life. Though our focus was on career, inevitably elements of my personal life came into the equation, so I believe she would be equally effective as a life coach."

"Working with Steffi over the last year has been an absolute pleasure. Her approach to life coaching is inspiring; she will challenge you to get to know yourself and what you are looking to achieve in life. Steffi's ability to understand my goals and provide me with the tools to achieve them has increased my confidence in myself and helped me to live a happier life. If you are looking to set goals, make changes, or improve the quality of life, I would recommend contacting Steffi."

"It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have someone to help guide you down the path of your future. I had told Steffi what I wanted to acheive in the years ahead and she helped me prioritize and clarify what is most important for me in my life so I can take action to work in the direction of my goals. She has worked with me to help find ways so that I keep my attention on my most important values and take steps in the direction of making positive changes. I'm now staying more centered at all times. Steffi is my teacher and mentor."

"Thank you so much for spending all that time with me on Thursday evening. Your intuitive approach floors me - you really do ask just the right questions and unearth just the right ideas that serve to illuminate those dusty corners in my life so well. I really was blown away by all that we covered and talked about. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help to date. I have really been moved by it. I have such a newfound respect for what you do and it helps that I also really like you as a person. Your warm, non-judgmental and caring approach has meant so much during this process. I'm moving forward with my life plan:) I'm so happy to be more clear about what I want and where to start."

"Thank you for a wonderful coaching session. You're awesome Steffi!" - Alicia Blagrove after a Life/Career Planning Workshop

"Steffi listened closely to my life and work history. From the information I provided, she illustrated how I could narrow my focus and chart a new course for my personal and professional life. Recently, I was notified of a forced workplace change coming in December. I intend to utilise the tools Steffi provided to monetise my artistic endeavours and realise a fulfilling work / balance." - Mel Dade

"Her integrity and commitment to excellence is matched by her genuine interest in people and in her own growth. She brings value to each and every project with which she chooses to align herself."

"I was at a cross roads when I decided to hire a coach. During my first call with Steffi Black I knew instantly that she was the right coach for me. Her intuitive way coupled with picking the right tools at the right time gave me what I needed at that time. After my session I felt a sense of stress release because I was more confident that my situation was temporary and I would be on track soon. I kept thinking I need to quickly make a change and that was not what I needed to do at that time. It is a process and Steffi knew what was best for me and my goals. She’s a very good listener which made the time spent relative and productive." Steffi P.

"Windfall Brides was lucky enough to have Steffi Black’s enthusiasm, knowledge and leadership for the day. She took us through a life planning exercise where our group was able to evaluate where we are at and to set some goals to move forward. Steffi is extremely caring and compassionate and we are very grateful to have had her support, knowledge and guidance." - Cindy Roemer, Windfall,

"Steffi was the keynote speaker for our most recent staff development day and her presentation was spectacular. She worked tirelessly with our team to create a presentation and corporate kindness plan that was tailored to our organization’s needs. On top of that, she offered unlimited encouragement and support to us throughout the entire process. I was particularly impressed with Steffi’s commitment to our project - she stayed in touch long after it rolled out, proving that she was committed to our success. Steffi’s efforts truly made a big impact on our organization and the way we treat one another. As a life coach and kindness advocate, Steffi earns my highest recommendation "