About Qigong


Suitable for Beginners

All Ages



Gentle Movements

No Experience Needed

Professional Instruction

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Through one-on-one coaching, Qigong and principles of mindfulness, Steffi holds spaces for us to better understand our own minds and hearts.

Steffi’s gentle nature and patience with learners of all kinds create an especially comfortable space. There’s no need for any preparation or even to understand anything about Qigong.

Sitting or standing, everyone can feel relaxed about participating.

Steffi takes her audience through the potential of Qigong in gentle, accessible sessions that keep us moving and recognizing our own means for healing.

The benefits? Tied to traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong seeks to bring the body’s energy, or qi, into balance, unblocking states that cause pain or illness.

  • easy, relaxed movements

  • sitting or standing or just listening

  • no experience necessary

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