Random Acts of Kindness Week

TORONTO, ON, January 26, 2015 "Beginning February the 9thand running to February 15th, Random Acts of Kindness Week helps to spread today’s relevant and timely message to schools dealing with nasty behaviour on-line and in the schoolyards, and, now, corporations are jumping on the goodwill bandwagon.


is an accredited intuitive coach who helps you chart a pro-active life and career action plan that serves as your compass for the road ahead. She also is co-founder of Connection Corner, a virtual networking group for women and creator of Spread the Kindness interactive workshops and presentations focusing on bringing kindness into schools and the workplace.

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"In" The Media

Steffi is great in front of the camera and in front of people. She has made several TV appearances as well as performed many interviews herself!

Why Kindness Matters

Steffi is very comfortable speaking to small intimate groups or large gatherings of people in work or school settings.

In The Media

Here is Susan Hay's Global TV segment Making A Difference featuring the Kindness Coaches doing their Kindness Workshops.


Apr 23, 2015
He knows how to #spreadthekindness

Thanks to Ashtanga yoga's Jonny Belnko, one of the participants in Random Acts of Kindness Week was the recipient of a free class.

Apr 15, 2015
5 tips to help bring kindness into your workplace

Some helpful ideas to create a warmer, more inclusive environment at work.

Apr 01, 2015
Kindness in Schools

A recent school visit made me feel grateful to hear how kids love to be kind and help others when they share this in their month to #spreadthekindness